Friday, June 19, 2009

IMS Training

It has been a very eventful week in Texas. I just finished up IMS (Introduction to Mercy Ships) Training. We will begin Gateway training tomorrow. (IMS gives basic information about the history, vision, and mission of Mercy Ships, as well as tips for preparing for community living onboard the ship. Gateway offers more extensive training in faith foundations, working with the poor, basic safety training, etc.) I've met lots of great new friends. Here are just a few of them:

From left: Christina (CA), me, Leah (FL), and Danae (Canada)

From left: Rebecca (AZ), me, Gemma (UK), and Leah (FL)

We've had a great time picking on each other about accents and funny phrases. Apparently, I look like a Canadian but sound like I'm from the deep South. I hope that means that no one here has ever really been to the deep South. (Say it ain't so, y'all!) :)

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