Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm in love.

Sorry, Mom. It's not with a boy.

It's with these little guys...



We went to the orphanage last Sunday. It was my first time to be able to go because the regularly-scheduled trips are always on the weekdays when I'm teaching. Because we are nearing the end of the outreach, a friend of mine who had been going regularly decided to lead an extra trip on the weekend. I was so thankful for the opportunity to go.

These children are so joyful. The church that runs the orphanage takes good care of them, but there are just so many children that none of them get a lot of one-on-one attention. It didn't matter that none of us could speak French. They just wanted a smile, a hug, a lap to sit on, and someone to kiss them on the forehead.

So we danced.

We played the same clapping games elementary girls play in the U.S., just with words I could not understand.

We read God's Word. Rather, Corinne taught me how to read God's Word in French.

Then it was lunch time. The older kids helped prepare the food. Here, a girl is mashing the yams.

Time to eat!


This little guy was my one of my favorites.

So many new friends...

We had so much fun that we decided to take one more trip. I can't wait to go back next Sunday!

*Thanks so much, Deb and Sarah, for sharing your pictures with me. Miss you guys! :)


  1. that is so amazing! i am so happy for you haley : )

  2. Haley, As ALWAYS you are such a BLESSING to me !!!

  3. These pictures are priceless, their faces so innocent. Their clothing is so colorful.

    I know you fell in love with everyone of them.
    Love Aunt Karen

  4. I was just thinking of ya today Haley! Glad you are having such a good time..I love the pics of you and the kids...melts my heart! Can't wait to be there with you! Love ya!