Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Camping at Grand Popo

We had a ship holiday this weekend. (We don't have off days for any national holidays, so we have one long weekend every couple months.) Usually, people take advantage of the ship holiday to spend the night off the ship. A group of my friends decided to go camping at the beach. We borrowed some tents, packed our bags, made a few sandwiches, and piled into a mini-bus on our way to Grand Popo.

Does that speedometer say zero km? I do believe we are moving fairly quickly. Whoops! (Don't worry, Mom, I made it home in one piece.)

Christina setting up our tents...

Our $3 campsite...

No, we're not in Maui.

$3? Really?!!!

Fishermen on the beach

Playing with the color features on the camera

From left: Jessica, Kelly, Christina, Jamie, and me

Paul and the girls (He was our bodyguard for the night.)

We found a machete on the beach (used to crack open coconuts only).

On the way home, we saw a car loaded down with bananas...and I do mean LOADED DOWN.

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