Sunday, December 6, 2009

Movin' on Up!

Tuesday was moving day!  I had been looking forward to this day for a long time because my new cabin means air conditioning, twice the closet space, and a bathroom shared only by my roommates instead of the entire deck.  This post will probably be pretty boring for most people, so my apologies to those of you who couldn't care less what a ship bathroom looks like.  :)

 my bed (The quilt was made by Sidney, one of my sweet dance team girls from HTMS...Thanks, Sid.  It reminds me of dance team every time I look at it.  Miss you girls lots!!!)

my new double-sided closet (I only had one door in my old cabin, and my roommate had the other side.  I'm not sure how I crammed all of my stuff into one side, but my clothes will certainly be less wrinkled now.) 

A bathroom of my very own (well, with just three other people)!  No more walking down a hallway in the middle of the night.  No more toting a storage caddy of shower supplies back and forth every morning--I can actually leave my shampoo IN the shower.  Never would I have imagined that could be so exciting!  And for those of you who are wondering, it's like a bathroom in a cruise ship.  The shower and toilet are separated only by a thin metal bar and a shower curtain.  We have to be really careful to turn the water on and save water and to avoid a flood!

We have a little community area in the back with a some chairs, a refrigerator, microwave, and storage space for food. 

And...we have a porthole!  So fun! 

It's also the perfect place to house a Christmas tree!

So, there you have it--my new home for the next two years. Isn't it great? :)


  1. Ohhh I definitely love it. Your bedspread is so colorful and everyone (EVERYONE) needs their own bathroom even if shared by 3 friends. I supposed you can only cook by microwave ???

    Now you 4 practice up on your Christmas carroling by the tree. And bring home some material maybe from the children and we'll make homemade ornaments for next year's tree. Maybe some frames with their sweet faces on it.
    HO HO HO,
    Aunt Karen

  2. No, we have a crew galley where we are able to cook. We like to bake cakes and cookies sometimes and make omelets on the weekends. :)

  3. Yay! That's so exciting! Congrats on "moving up"..and btw this post wasn't boring to me at all! It helps me prepare for what it's gonna be like! Can't wait to see ya! p.s. your place looks very neat & tidy...good job ;)