Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We left port this morning in route to the Canary Islands.  We will be in Tenerife for the rest of December and most of January for our yearly maintenance and inspections.  Everything has been smooth sailing so far!  There is now no land in sight, just deep blue ocean.  It's pretty incredible!

A few pics from the sail this morning...

waiting for the sail

people waving goodbye at the end of the dock

the pilot boat that led us out of the port

Goodbye Benin!  I'll miss you!

me with a few of my kiddos

Later on this evening...

Danae and I went out to the bow to watch the sunset.

the view straight down from the bow

Hey look!  Is that a flying fish?

sunset from the bow

I just love sailing!  :)

Prayer Requests:  Please pray for a safe sail. Please pray for our captain, officers, engineers, security, and deck department as they work long hours to keep us safe.  Please continue to pray for the people of Benin.  Finally, please pray for God's favor with the government of Togo as well we finalize the details for our outreach that begins in February.  Thank you so much!!!

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